How awesome can it be?


How awesome can it be?

  • Odoo (Open ERP)

    Open Source Business Applications

    We have good experts on OpenERP technical and functional parts like CRM, Sale, Purchase , Manufacturing etc. We are working on all version of OpenERP 6.0, 6.1 and also able to do for future V7. We have providing services of offshore module development on OpenERP

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Odoo (Open ERP)

How awesome it is?

Odoo (Open ERP)

How awesome it is?


What is Odoo (Open ERP) ?

"Opensource 's most advanced business application software provided by only OpenERP" OpenERP is a opensource ERP system which is most popular ERP on Opensource cause OpenERP provided the all kind of big business application, like CRM, Sale, Purchase,Accounting, MRP, Warehouse, Marketing Campaign etc... The most benefits of OpenERP is these all modules are integrated to each others. So it reduces the data entry and become automated system.

This is the only one Opensource ERP which provided the 1000+ modules, you can see it on OpenERP is a good business model with modular functionality with using a MVC architecture. OpenERP provided a generic system flow, So if anyone want to use then have to know about the how to configure your system with OpenERP and we are doing this very peacefully and accurately. Also you have to do some customization on this generic system and we have provided it.

OpenERP framework is not hard to use, So user can easily customize it.

OpenERP framework is developed on python programming language, python is also opensource so you can use any libraries of it freely.

Module Information

Purchasing a row material, is one of the basic needs of a company. Here, Purchase department can maintain information of their supplier, create a purchase order, and maintain the track records related to purchase.

Sales to a company is as important as cell to human body. Without them, neither human body,nor company body can sustain. For Company, OpenERP covers all the aspects of sales management. We can generate sales orders, customer invoices, delivery orders, etc. which helps company to analyze their growth.

To maintain stock is a difficult task. But the Warehouse Management makes it very easy. In OpenERP, user can easily maintain inward and outward movement of stocks.


Offshore Module Development

We have good experts on OpenERP technical and functional parts like CRM, Sale, Purchase , Manufacturing etc. We are working on all version of OpenERP 6.0, 6.1 and also able to do for future V7. We have providing services of offshore module development on OpenERP with not price hike. We have already done the different module development like public_purchases, subcontracting, Tally integration, Point of sale with bar-code reader also doing the localization chart of account. We have provided the module development with very affordable price.

We already done a subcontracting process with OpenERP which is able to do the subcontracting process with invoicing generation. Also we have done the Indian POS system with bar-code generations.


We Provide Functional & Technical Training

Why need Functional Training?

ERP has a huge sea of applications. Additionally OpenERP provided a all generic application of ERP. There are 150+ official modules which covered the "CRM (Customer Relationship management), Sales, Accounting, MRP(Manufacturing Resource Planning), Logistic Management, Marketing Campaign, Knowledge and Document management. So If you want to use a OpenERP or become a partner of OpenERP then you should know the flow OS these modules. So the Functional Training of OpenERP is required.

Benefits of Fuctional Training

On Functional Training you will get the all modules knowledge and configurations,So you can configure your system by your hand easily. OpenERP is OpenSource Software,So If you want to work with OpenERP or want to do a business on OpenERP then after a Functional Training you are also able to provide a Functional Training to another clients/Users. OpenERP is not tough to understand and configure like SAP. On SAP you have to required one SAP person to maintain your system but on OpenERP once you get the Functional Training then you can able to maintain your system easily.

Why Functional Training through BrowseInfo

We have a good Functional Experts of OpenERP which have knowledge of Official addons as well as community/extra-addons modules knowledge. So we can provide you a Fuctional Training of not only Offical addons but we can also aware you about the community addons which will use for you. Most important thing is about BrowseInfo Fuctional Training which is we are providing a module based Fuctional Training. You can chose your module applications and we can charge only for it. Also we have provided a functional training with very affordable price.


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About us

We are on a mission

About us

We are on a mission

We are BrowseInfo

BrowseInfo is a global IT services company focusing on software development, IT consulting and provides offshore outsourcing solutions to enterprises worldwide. It has the required development facilities and infrastructure combined with quality assurance processes to ensure timely delivery of high quality and low maintenance Web & Software solutions.

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At Browse Info, We offer an extensive array of innovative solutions, from corporate branding and interactive marketing to web portals and multi-tier applications. Our main services are - web design, web development. We make the right use of modern technologies like PHP,, Ajax, Flash,Jquery, etc. and high quality of creativity.

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