Odoo Dynamic Excel Export Report

Dynamic Export Excel Reports for all Application
May 23, 2018 Team BrowseInfo

At the end of day you will require reports of different sort, in order to keep track of things. For this,We have specially odoo dynamic module, which can print report in excel for all applications in Odoo.
I mean sales, CRM, HR, Accounting you can select objects and field you want to export, you will get it in excel format.
This feature makes the module super useful, If you can export report in customize manner what else you need, This module turn out to a very resourceful, Please check out few example we have given.

Key Feature:

  1.   With the help of this module you can download or export anything(Any view/object/model) in excel from the Odoo with customized templates.
  2.   You can customize the template of “Excel Reports” by your own.
  3. This module can help you to pick any style and colour for your company details,header of “Reports” and the “Total Fields” Details.
  4. With the help of this module you can group by with selected fields.
  5. Generate report of sub-model which is allow you to select fields and color. I.e You can print sales order line details with sales order, purchase order lines with purchase order. Invoice line with Invoice.

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