Car Repair Management

Car Repair/Maintenance Management in Odoo
April 11, 2018 Team BrowseInfo

Hello Everyone !!!

If you have Automobile Workshop , Service center, Car Modification Studio and Garage or you are in Automotive Industry this Article will Definitely Going to help you out.

Being an Owner of a Garage or working as a manager in a Automotive Industry the most Difficult task is to Keep up to date data of a Car when it comes for Repairing or Servicing in the Garage.

Old were the days when People use to List the Details of the Cars on Paper or Excel sheets to maintain the Data But the Problem with maintaining such kind of data is that there could be maximum number of Possibilities that you can lose your Data.This is not just a Single problem that you face there are many. Like, Sometime it happens that the Expenses of Repairing the Car gets Extended due to some Technical Reason and you did the changes which needed for the car and created the final Bill but the real Problem occurs here that there are number of Possibilities that Customer Denies to spare the Extended Budget and you might land up to a Big Loss.

These were the Few Problems which I discussed But there are many Problems which People faces During the Process From Arrival of Car into the Garage for Repairing to Generate Invoice of Car.

We Created a Module which Integrates all Solution which are Faced in Garage or in Automotive Industry.


   Car Repair/Maintenance Management

This is the Module which Nullifies your work load. This Module Automatically Generates the Details which you just need to fill, like Customer Details, Car Details, Registration Details etc. Once you Create your Identity the system will lead you to next step which is creating Car Diagnosis.

In Car Diagnosis Technician will be assigned ,who will diagnose the Car in future. If any part needs replacement or repairing that will be added too. Once Diagnosis is created after, you will have to create Quotation. After confirming it, Work order related to this sale order will be generated. Car Diagnosis Report reports will have all the data about diagnosis of the Car like, diagnosis results, parts details, etc.

After the Diagnosis Report worker will be able to start, pause , put in pending , cancel and finish the work order as per progress of the work on the Car.When work order is done, according to the hours spent on it, You will be given the option to generate the Invoice on related Sale Order.

And Finally a Report is Created which will show information about work done on the Car, generated from work order details.And after all these Process Finally Invoice will be Generated.This whole Process will be done on this single Module. From the Point Car Enters in the Garage to the Point Car leaves from the Garage, Every thing will be Automated.

No Paperwork, No Excel sheets nothing. Just Single Module and Everything will be on your System.

Isn’t it Great.