Multiple Featues on Website E-Commerce in Odoo

Website eCommerce all in one feature Odoo Apps

E-Commerce Website All In One is one of the unique and multi featured Odoo apps in which we provide all the features of website like Product Stock Notification, Website Product Labels and Stickers on Odoo Shop, Website Product Rating And Review, Website File Upload(Upload Attachment), Odoo Website Product Search Suggestion ,Website Product Attachment / Product Attachments show on Odoo Webshop, Odoo Website Terms and Conditions, Odoo Website Sitemap page Link, Website Portal Multiple and partial Payment in one single Odoo module. So you can use all these features by just buying only a single Odoo App.


Stock In-Out Message on Website

It will show message for In-out stock on website for Stockable products.

Validation On Available Qty

Customer/Website user can buy only available qty for Stockable products

Product Search Suggestion

Product search suggestion help to search product on website shop.

Website Sitemap

Customer/Website user can see Sitemap of website.

Review/Rating for Product

Customer/Website user can rate/review product on website shop.

Attachment for Website Product

System user can attach document/images for website product.

Attachment on Website Order

Customer/Website user attach any number of documents or files to the Order.

Discount Label/Stickers On Shop

User can apply discount label/stickers on website shop.

Terms & Conditions

System User can add custom terms and conditions on website.

Pay Invoices Partially

Customer/Website user can see pay their single/multiple invoices at once.

Website All In One Stock Configuration

Stockable Product In-Out Stock Message

Enable/Disable Product Stock Quantity and Message

Warning On Stockable Product

If user tries to add more than available/forecasted qty it will raise warning.

Website Product Labels & Stickers on Odoo Shop

Label For Website Product

Website Shop View With Label/Stickers

Product Review/Rating

Review/Rating Box

Non Login User Message for Review/Rating

Customer Can Upload Attachment/File

Attachment On Website Orders

Attachments On Website Shop for Product

Terms & Condition For website

Website Terms & Conditions

Restriction on Terms & Conditions for Pay Now

Website Sitemap

Search Suggestion for Product

Partial Payment From Website

Select Invoices Pay Multiple Invoices at Once

Selected Invoices Reference & Payment Form

Invoice Status & Posted Payments

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