Learn Key Features of Hospital management and Health Care in Odoo

Hospital Management in Odoo

Hospital Management System in Odoo is useful in normal day to day activities of hospital and clinic which can be helpful for any
Hospital and medical facilities.


Manage Patient details

Patient can enter their details.There are tabs will shows patient details like medicament, diseases, lab test, etc.

Receptionist can Create Appointment

Receptionist can create appointment with the details like physician , consultation service etc.

Manage New Born details

Manage new born baby's basic details like mother's name,APGAR Score,Neonatal signs and symptoms and other details.

Generate Patient's Prescriptions

Generate prescriptions with the doctor's and patient's details, can create invoice from prescription.

Lab Test Request and Result

Patient can request for the lab test and can get the result of the lab test.

Generate Report for patient details, appointment, prescriptions, lab-test

User can generate the report for their details, appointment, prescriptions, lab-test.


You can enter all the details of patients.All other tabs will show details of patients like , medicaments, lab test details, etc in Odoo.

Patients Card Report in Odoo

Reports for Patients Card can be generated in Odoo.

Patients Medication History Report in Odoo

Reports for Patients Medication History can be generated.

Patients Vaccinations History Report in Odoo

Reports for Patients Vaccinations History can be generated.

Patients Diseases Report

Reports for Patients Diseases can be generated.

Patients Lab Test Report in Odoo.

Reports for Patients Lab Test can be generated.


From this tab user can create an appointment for a patient with tiny details like physician , consultation service etc.

Families in Odoo

This feature will help user to enter the family members and their contact details for future reference to contact them in case of emergency or in the time of need.

Prescriptions in Odoo

Prescription is feature where after diagnosis of the patient , you can enter the details of prescripted medicaments, its dosage and other details.

Patient Hospitalization in Odoo

This form will help administrative department to save the details of patient about his/her hospitalization. Patients bed details, hospitalization date & expected discharge date, and other details can be saved here.


Newborn are provided all the necessary criteria to fill about newborn.
Basic Details: Mother's name and other details.
APGAR Score: pulses, respiration and other details.
Neonatal signs and symptoms, Neonatal Reflex, diseases and Other details.

Odoo Invoice

Prescription Invoice and Appointment invoice.

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