What we do

We can help you create a perfect Odoo ERP implementation environment for your business. The first step we take is analyzing how well Odoo functionalities match your requirements. With immense technical expertise in Odoo as well as domain knowledge, we provide Odoo OpenERP customization, development, installation, migration, support and maintenance services. This open source software package offers significant benefits to escalate your business performance in a hassle free manner.

Why is Odoo trending?

Cost Effective

Open ERP is best known for its low installation. There is also absolutely no license fee, which is the best part of Odoo implementation.

Open Source

As we all know, in a closed system the module never grow up. Odoo/OpenERP being open-sourced keeps on modifying and upgrading.

Modular Approach

Modular approach in Odoo helps to concentrate and implement critical processes first and the others can be subsequently taken up.


There are a wide range of modules to select from. We can help you analyse which module suits your business needs or get it customized.

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We have been practicing Odoo, OpenERP implementation day in and day out on different business genre. While doing so, our team of experts have developed great understanding as to which Odoo module is suitable to a particular business environment. This helps us to fulfill your business requirements like nobody else.

Our Services

Let us be the helping hand while you step into the Odoo World with our services



Our ERP Implementation services are designed to offer personalized experience to the users by adopting a flexible Odoo development process. The process begins by understanding the specific needs of our client, followed by Odoo customization. Our technical team will not only provide a fully functional package but also assist in ERP Implementation to achieve those needs.



Odoo is available in various versions and supported by various operating systems. It only needs proper configuration for installation. Our experts are proficient enough to install Odoo on any cloud server or at local premises and assist you in the process of Odoo implementation. They can also help you in making the best purchase decision for a server which can support Odoo.



To migrate from conventional system into full fledged ERP software, a lot of organizations install Odoo. If you are planning for such a transformation but don’t know how Odoo integration is done, we are here to help. To ensure for smooth functioning of different departments, our team of experts will transfer data and configure the software to cover-up major functionalities.


Support & Maintenance

We don’t leave your hands even after Odoo implementation. Like any software, there might be small bugs in Odoo which can be fixed on the very moment of problem detection by our technical support staff. Our prompt and cost-effective after sales service is highly applauded by our esteemed clients. Our constant support will never let your process wait in any hazy situations.


Creation & Updating

Once Odoo is implemented, constant updating will help to keep in pace with the latest version in the market. Since Odoo is evolving fast, we can also help you to stay up to date with its new features and version releases. So essentially we don’t just create a new server, configure it and install an Odoo but we also ensure that the module is running on an upgraded version.



We aim at transferring data from older Odoo versions to newer versions in a complete hassle free and effective manner. Our migration services will commence by reviewing the ERP implemented. We will then seamlessly migrate and integrate the software application in your server. Migrating to Odoo can help you to keep pace with shifting markets and changing business needs.

Web Development

What can we help you with?

  • Create SEO friendly websites with help of Odoo web frameworks.
  • Implement new features to enhance functionalities of an Odoo Website.
  • Continuous performance review and improvement solutions for Odoo website.
  • Use of engaging theme design and snippets fom the Odoo web development suit.
  • Design unique Odoo e-commerce websites with various payment gateway integration.

Website development with Odoo CMS

Like customers are considered as king in any business, content is the king of any website. Content is what can create wonders in your search engine ranking. Even if you run a small business, your website can beat the website of any multi-national company by merely creating user engaging web pages. Odoo can help you to take your Content management system to a next level and we know it how. Odoo website development is one of the best ways to achieve bug-free, clean and attractive website. There is also a provision of integrating these websites with Odoo / OpenERP in the backend. Our team will help you to get the most of the Website development Odoo module.

  • Ecommerce development with odoo/Shop

If you are running an online business, we can help you to keep up with the ever changing trends of ecommerce industry. All you need to have is a unique and supreme solution that can constantly boost your business performance periodically and reduce competition. The Odoo ERP version is need of the hour. This can offer best solutions to the on-line businesses that are new and also for those who are trying hard to mark their presence in the virtual world. As per your business needs, we help to implement Odoo eCommerce platform choosing the best from the three versions, namely- on-line version, enterprise version and community version.

Other Services

Make The Most Of Your Website Content

Search engines are undoubtedly the true game changers. A website which was nowhere could be seen on the first page by building and implementing smart online marketing plan. Yes, there are a lot of ways by which you can attract the attention of your potential customers so that they come to your website or ecommerce portal. People use search engines to find any information or a product and if you are offering exactly what they are looking for, you have to be seen on their searches. Most importantly, you need to be there on the top of the search results. Our complete online marketing solutions help to direct your target audience to your website.


Being on the first page means your business has a strong internet presence. A website which cannot be found even after scrolling dozens of pages is as good as not having a website. A sound optimization strategy can help to save your boat from drowning. Our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services can help in increasing your search results so that you top of all major search engines like Google, Yahoo! and Bing. Our team of optimisers will project their on-page and off-page SEO optimization techniques to take your website rankings higher. They are constantly at par with the new guidelines of search engines and know how not to overdo it. The main reason why SEO service is highly looked upon for increasing the targeted traffic to your website is that there low conversion cost compared to other digital marketing solutions.


Today marketers have started promoting their business on social media channels. This is because social media usage has risen drastically over a decade and catching the attention of your probable customer could be much easier there. Now you surely don’t want to stick to just the search engines, right? While our SEOs take case of the organic traffic, our Social Media Marketing experts help in building a great network of customers on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. By designing attractive Facebook and Lnkedin pages for your business, we can help you to come even more close to your target audience. By providing regularly update, your message can reach quickly to your new as well as old customers. your walls, tweets, and blogs to reach out to the target audience quickly.


It is easy to grab the attention of a potential customer when the information of your business is right on top of even the search results. This is nothing but PPC advertisement. The probability of the crawler clicking to that ad is quite high if you have an apt Paid per click advertising in place. We can do this for you. Our PPC services includes account setup, comprehensive keyword research and bid management. Along with this we also perform competitive analysis, create ad copies and set up conversion. At the end of every month, we shall present a detailed monthly report by which you can judge the effectiveness of our PPC advertisements for your business. Our marketing team will ensure that the negative information about your business is reflected far below the positive ones. All in all our PPC services will make constant efforts to maximize your presence on all major search engines.


There is yet another form of Internet marketing that can help in increasing the visibility of a website in search engine results pages (SERPs) through optimization and advertising which is called Search engine marketing (SEM). A lot of marketers get confused between SEM and SEO. Ideally, SEM can make use of SEO by rewriting website content to achieve a higher ranking in search engine results pages. But it is smart choice to have a team of certified SEM professionals who can guide you in the correct direction. So while you are working on attracting organic traffic, our search engine marketing solutions will bring out their latest marketing options to reach out to your potential customers and drive more traffic to your website. With substantial search engine marketing campaigns, you are going to be found easily on the top search results.